Advanced swimming (silver badge)

In Frankfurt am Main, Main-Taunus- and Hochtaunuskreis




The course is aimed at children with bronze badges. Breaststroke with arms and legs is required. Lie on your back with kicking legs is no problem! If you have learned a different type of swimming, please contact us before you register! The group size is 6 participants and 1 swimming instructor.



  • Strengthening the acquired swimming style.
  • Improvement of stamina and condition.
  • Learning another type of swimming (backstroke), help with arm and leg coordination.
  • Learning the leg movement of another type of swimming (freestyle legs).
  • Trail diving, optimization of the dive.
  • Knowledge of the bathing rules.

Requirements for achieving the silver badge

  1. Swim for 20 minutes, during this time at least 300m breaststroke and 100m in backstroke

  2. Twice picking up of an object from 2m water depth

  3. 10m trail diving
  4. Jump from 3m height
  5. Knowledge of the bathing rules



Notes for your first course participation

We have very short ways, so please come at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the lesson.

Please change your child’s clothes in the locker room and use the designated lockers. Clothes stored in the locker rooms could be removed by other parents.

Hand over the children to the instructors in the swimming pool (please without street shoes). We please all parents to leave the pool area latest with the beginning of the lessons.
The swimming pool is not allowed for parents and siblings during the swimming lesson to prevent disturbing the concentration of the group. 

Please bring this for your child:

  • Swimsuit or trunks
  • Towel
  • Bath slippers

Course booking

Classes once per week from June – July and intensive course during the summer holidays 2024

after the series of courses above, there will be another series of courses once per week from September – October 2024 and intensiv courses during the autum holidays 2024. These dates will probably be activated online from the end of June 2024.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about the course contend or the booking procedure?
Check out our FAQ!