Dear parents, dear participants, to give you an introduction to our processes, we have summarized some common questions here.

When and where do I have to be on site for the first lesson?

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the beginning of the course. In the Klinikum Höchst the meeting point is at the swimming pool, in Eschborn at the waiting area. The children should be already dressed for swimming.

What do I have to bring?

The participant only needs swimwear. Swim aids are available in sufficient numbers.

May an accompanying person stay in the indoor swimming pool during the first lesson?

The children are handed over to the course instructors at the meeting point. If problems arise during the course, we will come to you.

Can I do a trial lesson before I register myself or my child?

Unfortunately, during the courses are no trial lessons possible in order not to disturb the groups. You are welcome to arrange an individual lesson with us.

Does the badge examination take place during the last lesson?

The badges will be awarded during the course as soon as the children meet the required criteria. There is no separate examination hour. The requirements for the badge can be found on our website at the respective course description.

Which course comes after the seahorse badge?

After successful completion of the seahorse, the bronze course follows. If this course is done successfully, silver is next. After archieving the silver badge our freestyle courses build on the learned. Afterwards we would like to recommend you a way to get the gold badge, please contact us. As a supplement to our courses for children, we regularly offer workshops.

Will my child get his/her badge within a course? For which follow-up course do I have to register?

The learning outcomes of each child are very different, so please always consult our instructors. If the outcome of the course success is still unclear, we recommend to choose the easier course. It’s important not to overstrain your child and to keep his/her fun of swimming. All children without seahorses badges repeat the beginner swimming course.

Is it possible to repeat missed hours?

With your registration confirmation you will receive all the appointments included in the course fees. In addition, missed hours can unfortunately not be made up.

Can I cancel the course for free if I or my child can not or does not want to participate?

It depends on the time of the cancellation. Please take a look at our terms and conditions.

Do I have to enroll myself or my child for a follow-up course or will I automatically be taken over?

Your registration ends with the last lesson. You or your child will not automatically be taken on subsequent courses. You must re-register yourself or your child by writing via the contact form on our website.

Will I be informed about the new course dates?

The dates for the next course season hang out at the waiting areas of both locations. Thus, you can register early for a follow-up course. 14 days later, the dates will be published online on our website. You will receive an info-mail.

Do you have anymore questions?

Just call us on (0163) 550 20 04