Aqua fitness courses for adults

In Frankfurt am Main, Main-Taunus- and Hochtaunuskreis

Water has many positive attributes to the human body:

  • the buoyancy in the water barely strains the joints and spine,
  • fat metabolism is three times higher compared to training on land,
  • the massaging effect of the circulating water has a detoxifying and firming effect on the connective tissue,
  • unlike land training you will be spared by annoying sweating what ensures a much more pleasant well-being.

On this site we have composed a wide sports program for you. Obesity can be reduced in a relatively short time with three training sessions per week.


Aqua Fitness


Together with Aqua Fitness exercise equipment, such as Pool noodles, dumbbells, leg swims, aquasticks and latex bands will create an effective body and cardiovascular workout. Accompanied by motivating but also relaxing music Aqua Fitness is perfect for all ages.


Courses 2020

  • Units of 45 minutes each
  • Price 105,- € incl. VAT
  • Pre-paid ticket for 10 lessons is valid for 6 months
  • Taster lesson or course participation after consultation possible at any time

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