Pirate advanced course after the seahorse

In Frankfurt am Main, Main-Taunus- und Hochtaunuskreis

The course is aimed at children with seahorse badges. Breaststroke with arms and legs is required (see video). If you have learned a different type of swimming, please contact us before registering! This course is a transition (intermediate level) between Seahorse and Bronze badge. The group size is about 7 participants and 1 swimming instructor.


  • Since the requirements for the bronze badge have been significantly increased, this is a transition course that builds on the seahorse badge and prepares the children for the bronze badge.
  • Strengthening the breaststroke.

  • Improving endurance and fitness.

  • jumps from the edge of the pool.
  • 5m distance diving and retrieval of objects from about 1m depth without swimming goggles.

Prerequisites for the Pirate Badge

  • Jump from the edge of the pool and 100m breaststroke

  • Approx. 5m distance diving and retrieving an object from a depth of 1m from the water surface.

Instructions for your first course participation

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the course starts.

The parents hand the children over to the course leaders

Parents and siblings are not allowed to stay in the swimming pool during the swimming lesson in order not to disturb the concentration of the group.

What you need to bring for your child:

  • Bathing suit or swimming trunks

  • Towel
  • bath slippers


Course Booking

Intensiv Courses during the easter holidays and Classes once per week from January – March 2024

after the series of courses above, there will be another series of courses once per week from April – May 2024. These dates will probably be activated online at 29th of February 2024.

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