Terms of Service

In case of cancellation up to 28 days before the beginning of the course (the first exercise) the course fee will be waived. Thereafter, a share of 50% of the course fee will be charged for the expenses already incurred. When naming and participating a replacement person this pro rata fee is waived. The cancellation must be in writing. Two days before the beginning of the course no refunds can be made. You will receive a registration confirmation or cancellation by email within one week after submission of the registration. If you have not received any feedback within the above mentioned deadline, please contact us again. In the case of unexcused non-attendance despite written registration, the full course fee must be paid. Participation is in the registered course. The course participation is at your own responsibility. There are no medical concerns about participating in the course. The organizer is liable only for damages incurred by the participants of a course due to gross negligence or intent. The limitation of liability also extends to course instructors. Larana is also not liable for the loss of its services due to force majeure (e.g. natural disasters, fire, floods, war, official orders and all other circumstances that are beyond the control of the contracting parties).


The swimming lessons in Klinikum Höchst and in Sossenheimer Str. 3 in Eschborn are subject to special conditions.
Since this building is a clinic / private area where patients undergo rehabilitation, several guidelines must be followed:

  1. The legal guardians must ensure that their children or accompanying children do not move unattended in the premises of the clinics / private property and cause noise.
  2. This applies in particular to the area of ​​the entrance hall, staircase and the corridor in front of the swimming pool. Should this agreement be violated, we are forced to exclude children from the course.
  3. The swimming school and the operators of the swimming pools accept no liability for injuries and damage to the course participants before and after the swimming lesson.
  4. The swimming pool may be entered only at the beginning of the class time, whereby bathing suit / swimming trunks, towel and bathing shoes are mandatory.
  5. All course dates of a course series are recorded in the registration confirmation, missed hours can not be rescheduled or replaced.
  6. The filming and photography in the swimming pool must be discussed in advance with the trainer and the other participants. If a publication of photos / films of the swimming school from their courses and participants on the website and for other promotional purposes may not be desirable, this must be explicitly communicated at registration.
  7. The contract ends after every advertised course series. There are no children taken automatically in follow-up courses. For a further registration it requires a renewed written registration.
  8. By submitting the application, I accept the participation and resignation regulations.