Water getting used courses in Frankfurt am Main und Hochtaunuskreis

For Children from 4 years on


  • With this course offer we would like to offer children from 4 years on in a small group of max. 6 children get used to the element of water.
  • We start in a small pool in which the children from a height of 90cm can stand and playfully familiarize them with the water.
  • In the process we make the transition to the swimmer pool and prepare the children for our beginner swimming courses.


Requirements for course participation

  • The children must be at least 90cm tall, otherwise they cannot stand in the non-swimmer area.
  • Showering or washing your hair is not a problem
  • Participation in the course is without parents, the children are handed over to the swimming instructor and are able to go to the toilet on their own.
  • If the children do not meet these requirements, we reserve the right to allocate places to those who have moved up the waiting list



  • slowly getting used to the water and its properties.
  • Promotion of perception through the properties of water (buoyancy, resistance, sliding, etc.).
  • Fun and games in the water.
  • Exercises to exhale into the water and to pick up individual objects from the shallow water.
  • Learn the sternum movement and prepare for the beginner swimming courses.


Instructions for your first course participation

Please come to class no earlier than 10 minutes before the course starts. The parents move the children to the course instructor. Parents and siblings are not permitted to stay in the swimming pool during the swimming lesson in order not to disturb the concentration of the group. Viewing is guaranteed via a monitor.

You have to bring:

  • Swimming trunks or bikini
  • Towel
  • Slippers

Course book


Classes once per week from September – October 2024

after the series of courses above, there will be another series of courses from November – December 2024. These dates will probably be activated online from the beginning of September 2024

Frequently asked Questions

Do you have any questions about the course or the booking process? Have a look at our FAQ!