Workshops in Frankfurt am Main, Main-Taunus- and Hochtaunuskreis

Themed events with lots of fun

Mermaids/Aquarians swimming

Here, your children turn into little mermaids/aquarians. Equipped with a neoprene costume and a monofin, they dive into the beautiful underwater world.

  • Prerequisite for participation is the silver swimming badge, lots of fun in the water and passionate diving.
  • Please indicate your height and shoe size when registering.
  • You have the opportunity to borrow the neoprene costumes from us. You are also welcome to bring your own monofin.

This event does not take place in the form of a course, but is offered exclusively on individual dates. Each practice lesson comprises 2 x 45 minutes. The group size is max. 10 children.

Complementary hours Seahorses badge

Your child has already attended one or more swimming lessons and can already swim a few meters, but the strength is not enough for the 25m distance. With this offer you have the opportunity to book individual double lessons instead of a complete course.

  • Prerequisite for participation is that your child can already swim a few meters free.
  • No offer for complete beginners

Each practice lesson is 2 x 45 minutes. The group size is max. 6 (Eschborn) / 10 (Höchst) children.

Testlessons for beginners

You are not sure if your child is ready for a beginners swimming class? Here you have the oppurtunity to book a test lesson instead of full swiming class

Requirements for a course participation

  • The children must be 4 years old at least 90cm tall, as they can not stand in the non-swimmer area otherwise.
  • The children should already be familiar to water. Please watch the video under beginner classes
  • The course participation takes place without parents, the children are handed over to the swimming instructors.
  • The child stays with the swimming instructors for 45 minutes without parents and is able to go to the toilet by himself.

A course lesson is 45 min. The group size is 6 – 9 participants with 1 – 2 swimming instructors.

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