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Themed events with lots of fun

Mermaids/Aquarians swimming

Here, your children turn into little mermaids/aquarians. Equipped with a neoprene costume and a monofin, they dive into the beautiful underwater world.

  • Prerequisite for participation is the silver swimming badge, lots of fun in the water and passionate diving.
  • Please indicate your height and shoe size when registering.
  • You have the opportunity to borrow the neoprene costumes from us. You are also welcome to bring your own monofin.

This event does not take place in the form of a course, but is offered exclusively on individual dates. Each practice lesson comprises 2 x 45 minutes. The group size is max. 10 children.

Complementary hours Seahorses badge

Your child has already attended one or more swimming lessons and can already swim a few meters, but the strength is not enough for the 25m distance. With this offer you have the opportunity to book individual double lessons instead of a complete course.

  • Prerequisite for participation is that your child can already swim a few meters free.
  • No offer for complete beginners

Each practice lesson is 2 x 45 minutes. The group size is max. 6 (Eschborn) / 10 (Höchst) children.

Style swimming/technical training for children

With this proposal, we offer you the opportunity to optimize the various styles of swimming. E.g. does it only lack on backstroke to reach the silver badge? Here you have the opportunity to practice this specifically.

This offer is not intended to learn the types of swimming from scratch, so please choose a suitable course -> see course objectives Advanced swimming (silver badge) or Freestyle learning course for children. The offer is aimed at children who already have experience in backstroke or freestyle swimming and want to improve their skills.

  • Prerequisite for participation in a technical lesson backstroke -> bronze badge.
  • Prerequisite for participation in a technical lesson freestyle -> silver badge.

A course block is 2 x 45 min. The group size is 6 – 11 participants with 1 – 2 swimming instructors.

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