Beginner swimming / Seahorse course

In Frankfurt am Main, Main-Taunus- and Hochtaunuskreis

SeepferdchenThis course is aimed at children from 5 years, Intensivcourses from 5 years on. The group size is 6 participants and 1 swimming instructors.



  • Fun and games in and out of the water.
  • Diving exercises in shallow water.
  • Learning the leg movement. We start with breastroke leg movement as the first swimming style.
  • We show how to jumping into the water.
  • Introduce to the arm movements and help with the coordination of arms and legs.
  • Continuous practice of arm-leg movement until free swimming.
  • Promotion of a healthy, motor development of children.

Requirements for a course participation

  • The children must be 4 years old at least 90cm tall, as they can not stand in the non-swimmer area otherwise.
  • The children should already be familiar to water. Showering and washing the hair with water on head and face is possible.
  • Splashes and water on the face are not a problem.
  • The course participation takes place without parents, the children are handed over to the swimming instructors.
  • The child stays with the swimming instructors for 45 minutes without parents and is able to go to the toilet by himself.

Requirements for the Seahorse Badge

  1. Jump from the edge of the pool
  2. 25m swimming without aids
  3. Retrieving an object from shoulder-deep water by hand

Notes for your first course participation

We have very short ways, so please come at least 10 minutes before the beginning of the lesson.

Please change your child’s clothes in the locker room and use the designated lockers. Clothes stored in the locker rooms could be removed by other parents.

Hand over the children to the instructors in the swimming pool (please without street shoes). We please all parents to leave the pool area latest with the beginning of the lessons.
The swimming pool is not allowed for parents and siblings during the swimming lesson to prevent disturbing the concentration of the group. You can watch the children by a glass door or via a radio transmission monitor.

Please bring this for your child:

  • Swimsuit or trunks
  • Towel
  • Bath slippers


Course booking

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about the course contend or the booking procedure?
Check out our FAQ!

Course times July – August 2021

We are planning intensive swimming courses for the summer holidays. The dates are expected to be published in mid-June.

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